Saturday, January 29, 2011


BUMPS & BRUISES SURVEY! Wear & Tear Record: (Fill in a number) Broken Bones = ___ Stitches = ___ Scars = ___ Surgeries = ___ Concussions = ___ Other Serious injuries = ___

This is a thing on formspring that I've seen, and since I always find this kind of thing interesting about other people, I thought I'd fill it out for any/all stalkers I have out there.

Broken Bones = ~4. I've broken two fingers (possibly three but I'm not sure on that last one so I won't put it), my tailbone, and my nose. One finger was broken by a friend accidentally slamming me in the finger (though she was not very apologetic about it, which still ticks me off). The other three (possibly four) injuries were all from horseback riding. Horseback riding is dangerous, folks!
Stitches = 0
Scars = 2. One is, predictably, from riding - well, sort of. I got bitten on the finger and it left a scar. The other is from when a dog dragged its extendable leash across the back of my legs and the owner was an idiot and didn't stop it.
Surgeries = 0
Concussions = 1. Guess what this was from?! Another horse bit the horse I was riding on the butt and it took off, flinging me off its back. I received this one a day before my IB exams, to add insult to injury.
Other = 0