Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Teaser Tuesday

My first Teaser Tuesday! :) I've been pretty busy with getting back to school, but now that school's finally started and I'll have a routine, my updating should be much more regular.

So, without yammering on and on about it...

Jai paused as he watched the horde of his people begin the ascent to the surface. Wills warred within him; stay or go? Of course, he craved the sweet air of the surface, and the sight of moonlight glancing off the water.

But more than that, this choice, like every other in Jai’s world, could mean the difference between life or death.

No stomach for it tonight? A particularly large, nasty kelpie named Cloren hissed as he swam by.

Jai snarled at the insult and shot past Cloren in the water, mocking the larger kelpie with his speed.

I’ll see you up there… eventually, Jai called back.

Now committed to his course, Jai sped toward the surface. He avoided the large bunch of kelpies gathered around the shark’s abrasive body and cut his own path straight upward.

While the rest of the kelpies slanted toward the bottom of the boat that Jai could now see looming into the water, Jai raced upward as fast as he could. He knew it was wrong; knew that his half-fish, half-human form might be seen by true humans as he arced out of the water, but Jai couldn’t help himself.

In any case, all these humans were about to die.

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