Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Teaser Tuesday

This is from my newest WIP. I meant to write something else, but this plot bunny came along last night and ATE MY MIND. It refuses to stop.


Seriously, what the hell just happened? One minute I was in math texting Cooper (god forbid I pay attention, algebra might eat my mind) and then the next I got a little beep… and a message that said “U sure ur ready?”

WHAT. IS. THAT. I’ll tell you what it isn’t – It isn’t a roaring primal scream of triumph echoing over the hilltops. If the boy who must not be named had any decency at all, he would hop in his car, zoom over here going at least 40 over the speed limit, and carry me out in his arms because he had to take me right then and there.

But no. No no. Instead, I get the heartless text OF THE CENTURY. What is wrong with him?!

Got to go – bell’s about to ring. Wouldn’t want to be late; the universe might want to give me a pop quiz or anvil to the head or something.

September 10th, 4:00 pm

It was the pop quiz. Screw you geography, I know how to use Google Maps. Nice to know that Wile E. Coyote will still be getting his comeuppance, though.


Becca Cooper said...

BWAHAHA! Love the humour!! :D

Emilia Plater said...

HAHAHAHA. You. Are. A genius.

seeyouupside said...

Hahaa niceeeeee.