Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The What-If Button

Okay, so, I originally was going to blog about starting new manuscripts and choosing between them. But it was a kind of lame topic really and I didn't have a ton of material, so I'm dropping it.

Instead I'm going to talk about one of my loves, and something that tends to work its way into my writing: history.

I found out about this incredible news earlier and immediately my mind started racing. Why was the site buried? Who buried it? Why did its worshippers die out? Who were they? Did they have bones in their faces or suck at hunting as much as the guy in 10,000 BC?

Everyone who writes does so because they're fascinated by certain questions. What if a young boy faked his own death and ran off with a slave? What if alien slugs tried to take over the earth and it was up to 5 humans to stop them? What if a vampire fell in love with a human girl and angsted about it for three books? What if somebody clubs me over the head with a what-if bat?

For me, history has always been one of those questions. What the Elizabethan court was really like and why Alexander the Great conquered half the known world are questions that will haunt me till I die, no matter how much I write about them. My current WIP is about King Arthur's Camelot - myths are a big part of history, and they fascinate me too.

So tell me - what taps your "what-if" button? Tell me in the comments!


Emilia Joyce Plater said...

I love you and your history awesomeness!!! No joke. My general what-if button would probably be, for contemporary, "What if everything got screwed up"? haha!

Becca Cooper said...

Ouu, historical fiction. I really don't read enough of that. :)

I usually meet characters before I find plot lines, so I usually start wondering, "What if a person like this was in a situation like that?"